These are some of the projects in which I have been playing the role of Director, Assistant Director or Supervisor. Please find a brief description attached to each video.

LITTLE BIG PANDA – Assistant Director


China’s first 3-D animated film, “Little Big Panda” (“Xiong Mao Zong Dong Yuan”). Directed by Greg Manwaring. The story of “Little Big Panda” is set in a mountaneous hill. He and his friends will be involved in a series of adventures. When trouble comes, he will be the lifesaver of the whole group. In this […]


NATTU The Little Kinu – Director


NATTU The Little Kinu is a 13 min  TV Series Pilot for Mago Productions produced in 2005. In this occasion, I was the Director of the whole piece.      

LUA I EL MON – Co-Director and Production Manager


In 2002, I was the Production Manager of TakingShape Animation Studio and within that framework I was the Co-Director of the 65 x 3′ TV series produced for TV Catalunya and Triacom Audiovisual.